The FAQs

Version: 3.6.1
Street date: February 17, 2009
Maintained by: Aaron Sams, Matt McGee Introduction
The U2 FAQ was started by Sergio Lucero. His last edition of the FAQ (version 0.8) was posted in 1995. After that, the FAQ was maintained by Maryann J. Stump. Her last edition (version 1.3) was posted February 1, 1998. The FAQ did not progress from that point until August, 1999, when Maryann offered the job of maintaining the FAQ to Al Clark and Matt McGee, who debuted version 2.0 of the FAQ on January 1, 2000. Aaron Sams replaced Al in the summer of 2002, and version 3.0 of the FAQ debuted at on November 1, 2002.

How can I suggest a new question and/or answer?
Due to an abundance of spam, we have had to turn off the email address that used to be listed here. We'll post a new way to contact us with the next update of the FAQ. If you are sharing information/answers to be added to the FAQ, be sure to let us know how you want to be credited. Your four options are: Name only, name and email, initials only, initials and email.

Although this is the FANS' FAQ, not all questions and suggestions will be included. The FAQ isn't designed to be a comprehensive history of everything the band has ever said or done publicly ... it's a resource for answering "frequently asked questions." We'll do our best to determine when a question becomes "frequently asked."

Where can I find the latest version of this FAQ?
The FAQs can be found on the web at New information will be added to the FAQs on an as-needed basis, and reminders of the FAQs' location and news of any updates will be posted regularly to the U2 newsgroups and various fan mailing lists.